David Bowie inspired Car Wrap City FLS Micro-Jet Wrap

With sponsors such as Children's Hunger Fund and Crew Kids, Tyson, the wrap architect on the project knew immediately that there were two elements that were vital. Here's what he had to say about his design: "My idea for this plane was quite simple. Make it fun and exciting for kids. In this design I pull from a few things that excite me. I've always loved the WW2 Flying Tiger planes with the shark teeth. So I did a cartoony version of that idea to turn our plane into a character with a sprinkle of RattFink. I added a barrage of lightning bolt shapes to simulate tiger stripes and colors that energize, evoking a sense of power. Another thing I like is carnival rides, so I textured it with the thick glitter you'd see on a kids ride at the State Fair. The eyes come from flying kites when I was a kid. I had a kite that was black with big yellow bloodshot eyes and it looked really wild looking down at me. In honor of David Bowie, I gave the shark a lightning bolt over one eye.  All the sponsor logos recieved the carnival ride treatment, with the lightening bolt glitter outlines to help them stand out against the wild background art. So you have Cartoons, Carnivals and Kites smashed together with a dash or rock 'n' roll. Let the children boogie!"

Read the Press Release here.

See the process start to finish here, in our CWC-TV section. 

The sponsors featured on the FLS Micro-Jet were US Fleet Tracking, Crew Kids, Children's Hunger Fund, Mimaki USA and of course Car Wrap City.

The jet was unveiled at the Bonham Festival of Flight on October 27, 2018. Additionally, we had a booth full of fun stuff for the kiddos and adults alike, to enjoy. Justin "Shmed" Lewis was giving autographs after performing in his FLS Microjet, and a great time was had by all! 

The FLS Mini-jet wrap was printed using the Mimaki UCJV300–130 with Mimaki LUS200 ink (Which you can read more about on an upcoming blog post.) and  Avery Dennison MPI1105 EZ RS vinyl with DOL1360Z lamination.

October 29, 2018