Fun-Sized Wraps

Smaller-scale wrap projects can present some unique challenges, but Car Wrap City welcomes any "fun-size" project you send our way. Wrapping items that are out of the ordinary can prove difficult simply because not all surfaces are ideal for the vinyl adhesive to stick to. Generally, it's best to bring your project to one of our offices for our staff to examine so we can make sure you're getting the best-suited material for your unique needs.

Coin banks (and other automated machinery like ATMs, game machines, and much more) make for a great canvas to showcase your company info, as well as jazz up the colors using vinyl wraps. Special event and holiday wraps can keep your clients in the know and are easily swapped out with a more general info wrap as needed.

Coolers are a great item to have wrapped for company use...they make great prize giveaways, they're easy to have around the office, and they can be taken anywhere for company outings. Every time someone reaches for a drink they'll see your company's name. Not only is this great for building brand recognition and brand recall, but it also keeps you from being stuck with another dull cooler.

Shutters....who would think to wrap their shutters? As you can see here, it's definitely a possible wrap canvas too! These pieces received a beautiful floral makeover in order to brighten up their appearance. The second photo shows one of the panels before the wrap.

Wrapping a guitar is a super easy and cost-effective way to personalize an instrument without worrying about messing anything up. Applying paint is a messy, time-consuming process with no guarantee you'll like the end result. Vinyl wraps, on the other hand, are quick and super easy to change when you're ready for something new. They can also protect against minor dings and scratches. As with any other wrap, you're able to see how the design will look via digital templates before it's ever installed - so you know you'll love the look before it's applied.

Whether for personal use or commercial advertising, Car Wrap City will have your "fun-size" projects wrapped up and ready to rock-n-roll. Give us a call at 877-819-7277 with your unique projects today!

November 20, 2014