Give the Gift of Wrap!

  • How about camo rocker panels for his truck?
  • Or a black gloss roof wrap and matching mirrors to customize her sporty car?
  • Or go for a full matte color change wrap!
  • How about some chrome flame wrap accents for his truck?
  • Harley update, before and after.

The holiday season has crept up on us once again and you know what that means…it’s the time of year we all are in search of that perfect gift for a special someone on our list! It’s super easy to head to your local big-name department store and grab a pre-packaged gift basket for Christmas, but is that really a personal enough choice for those you love? Why not think outside the box this year and give the gift of vinyl?

We all have someone on our list who loves to customize their vehicle and make their automobile stand out...or maybe there’s a special someone who recently bought or received a new ride and you’d like to help them make it unique with a touch of stylish flair. Vinyl wraps are a thoughtful, unique gift to really “Wow!” anyone on your list this year!

Customized vinyl wraps don’t have to cover the entirety of your loved one’s vehicle. Your gift can cover as little or as much surface as you want. For a sleek look with a slender price tag, you can choose to gift smaller accent pieces like roof, mirrors, spoiler, or trim along the lower edge of a vehicle. If your budget allows for an extra ounce of generosity, consider a combination of accent pieces or some ever-popular racing stripes!

For those of you who have an extra special someone who has been exceptionally good this year… giving the gift of a full wrap (custom design or color change) is one of the greatest gifts we can think of - that keeps on giving long after the holidays have come and gone.

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December 22, 2015