Payson Petroelum Battery Tank Wrap

You might not have imagined that an oil and gas company would dream of branding their battery tanks with a wrap. Battery tanks aren’t the first surface to come to mind when considering the many wrap possibilities… but like we say, if you can dream it we can wrap it!

Another claim we stand by is that we will wrap anything that can sit still long enough, and we mean business – which is good for your business. Payson Petroelum really put this slogan to the test by bringing Car Wrap City this special project. Wrapping battery tanks isn’t necessarily the norm for a wrap business, but we love a unique wrap project. We outfitted their tank with the large red star from their logo.

It’s impossible for anyone to miss your logo when it’s super-sized on the side of a giant tank, building, water tower, or any other huge surface. Call us today at 877-81-WRAPS with your wrap needs and see how we can bring your big dreams to life!

September 12, 2014