A Retro Shasta Airflyte Trailer Wrap

Under the Eiffel Boutique is an adorable shop full of trendy clothes for both ladies and little girls. Although Jennifer, the owner of Under the Eiffel Boutique, had always loved fashion, she got even more passionate about it once she had her little girl. Her daughter was constantly adorned with ruffles, lace, and all things pink – including large bows atop her head - from day one. On a family trip to one of the most beautiful landscapes known to man, Jennifer of course had her daughter dressed to impress. While standing under the Eiffel Tower she was approached by many sightseers who told her how beautiful her daughter was dressed in a multitude of languages. It was that moment she decided if she were to ever own her own boutique, it would be named “Under the Eiffel Boutique” - with a vision to help make every woman look beautiful in every language.

Jennifer’s dream soon became a reality and she opened her own small business in Denison, Texas. Part of keeping any business booming is making smart marketing decisions… which is where Car Wrap City helps! Under the Eiffel Boutique often takes part in trade shows, and their trade show trailer needed some vinyl lovin’ to match the “WOW!” factor of the inventory inside.

The design on this rockin’ retro trailer needed to shout “Under the Eiffel Boutique” at first glance, while also remaining stylish and classy. In keeping with the retro look of this 1961 Shasta Airflyte trailer, the design was created using polka dots, vintage dress forms and a sassy but classy model on the side, along with the company logo. Of course, the Eiffel Tower was a must in this design, so we jazzed it up with a girlish touch. The black, white and pink accents complimented the already mint-colored lower half, making this a partial trailer wrap.

Car Wrap City uses high quality, wide-format Mutoh printers to make sure each vinyl wrap design comes out looking great. This design was printed and laminated using Avery Dennison vinyl wrap material and laminate.

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July 13, 2014