Smart Car, Desk & Elevator Wrap

Mercedes Benz of Plano knows a thing or two about smart... smart cars, smart design, and smart advertising strategies, just to name a few. It was a smart move when they brought these unique wrap projects to Car Wrap City recently. Realizing the unlimited supply of potential marketing tools within the walls of your business opens you up to a world of new marketing tricks.

Branding the walls of your elevators is an easy way to let your company name or slogan linger on the minds of clients as they enter and exit your premises.


Making sure your reception desk looks sharp is another important detail to keep in mind. Generally, this is one of the first things clients will see when they enter so it’s smart to keep it looking fresh and new. Having a desk wrap custom-designed allows you to keep a clean, classic look or go bright and bold – the possibilities are endless. For this desk, we applied a faux wood film which spruced up the surface and lobby instantly.

If you are out enjoying the 35th Annual Plano Balloon Festival this weekend (Sept. 19th – 21st) be sure to look for the brand new wrap on this smart car. There’s something for everyone: concerts, fireworks, insanely delicious foods and so much more…the only thing missing is you! Snap a pic if you catch this cute wrap and tag us @carwrapcity.

September 18, 2014