Unique Wrap Roundup: Windows, Kiosks and Fire Axes

Vinyl wraps come in all shapes and sizes; from the most minuscule spaces to larger than life places - we wrap it all. Each business can yield their own unique marketing opportunities. When you stop and think about it, the lobby alone contains a number of spaces to brand and make your own, including: doors, walls, tables, reception desks, floors, and windows....the list goes on. So many of Car Wrap City's clients are catching on to this unique branding opportunity and are jumping aboard the wrap marketing train.

When you have a space with as many windows as Poof-Slinky, the advertising options are limitless. As you can see, Poof-Slinky has chosen to wrap each window to represent a different product they have on the market. With bright pops of color and sharp branding logos, patrons will hardly be able to miss the shop.

Another approach to consider when wrapping business windows is to incorporate imagery that flows from one window to the next, keeping with the same fluid design. This is equally as powerful for grabbing and holding the attention of those passing by and is great for companies who may not offer a plethora of products, but rather targeted products and services.

Unique logo placement and uniform branding can be made possible by wrapping any smooth surface at your disposal, including kiosks. The Choctaw Casino Resort likes to keep their kiosks looking fresh and up-to-date with vinyl wraps. Their most recent wrap-facelift also serves as an advertisement for those in search of a new career.

Whether you're an active fireman, retired fireman, or are an admirer of this noble passion - we've got the perfect wrap for you. Turning an axe into a commemorative work of art via vinyl is an excellent way to show the fire fighter(s) in your life how much you care for and appreciate them.

Give us a call today at 877-81-WRAPS with your unique projects and see how our Car Wrap City team can create the perfect wrap for you!

September 30, 2014