The United States Honor Flag

Shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks, Chris Heisler was gifted a flag along with a hand written note signed by the Texas House of Representatives thanking him for his efforts during such a horrific time. While many people would have tried to return to “the norm” after such a catastrophic event, Chris felt compelled to take further action for his country. With the flag he had been gifted, he set out on his way for Ground Zero. During his trek, he was able to help organize one of the longest police motorcades in the history of the United States; all were bound for Ground Zero with tokens of support for our nation’s heroes in their time of need. Since that fateful September 2001, the United States Honor Flag has served as a token of support to pay tribute to those who have lost their lives in the line of duty protecting this great nation.

 “The Honor Network was founded on the conviction that every person who is committed in service to our communities and country deserves the support of every single American, and that an increase in American patriotism is vital in keeping our great nation united.” –The Honor Network

The Honor Flag has been blessed with the ability to travel all over the United States to honor and memorialize those true heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for their family, community and country. Just a few of the many places the Honor Flag has traveled includes:

o   NASA Shuttle STS-135 Atlantis
o   Funerals for our Public Safety and Military Heroes
o   National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Memorial
o   National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
o   State Memorials
o   Carnegie Hall
o   U.S. Capitol
o   State Capitols
o   The Pentagon
o   Presidential Libraries
o   US Combat Theaters
o   VA Hospitals
o   USS Lexington
o   Seattle Space Needle
o   Various NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and other sporting events

Car Wrap City has been incredibly blessed to be chosen for an opportunity to work with such a prestigious organization. As a nonprofit organization, The Honor Network relies on the generosity of individuals, corporations and organizations to help carry out their mission of memorializing those Heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. Making the decision to donate a full vinyl wrap to the Honor Network was an easy choice, and one we are proud to have made.

Designer: Tyson

We wish the very best for all of The United States Honor Flag’s travels and pray this special flag is used for more educational visits than memorials.

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September 11, 2015