War Dance Jet Dragster

Native American fire War Dance Jet Dragster Vinyl

War Dance...

Close your eyes, the name alone, should bring you to a place where you can hear drums in the far off distance gaining more clarity with each passing minute. As the tribe inches closer toward the battle ground, you can feel it begin to quake beneath you. You can smell the aroma of ceremonial herbs being burned and the most vibrant colors come into play. Beautiful dark, braided hair tied back with a leather cord just out of reach for the child carefully affixed to their back with a hand woven wrap that had been passed down for generations. The air filled with chanting, summoning the spirits of their ancestors and the land. The steady drumming becoming more and more palpable. Feel it in your chest? 

I imagine it feeling much like the reving of the War Dance, Jet Dragster's engine at the starting line. 

Tyson, the designer on this project, took careful consideration of every detail on this wrap. When the "American Indian" design was requested by driver, Ralph Snider, with little time to spare until it needed to be show-ready and on the track at Ennis', Texas Motorplex; He knew immediately a more “Spiritual Feel”, as opposed to his typical “Super Literal” approach was the way to go. With cultural respect at the top of mind, Tyson was able to incorporate several elements that portrayed the theme. One of those depictions being the arrow symbol you'll find located on the side of the jet dragster, which means "war". The second, and final request made by Ralph was that an eagle also be featured. "This was the most challenging portion of the design!", said Tyson. Fitting the eagles head onto the nose of the jet dragster proved to be difficult and had some unforseen challenges making the transition from flat design to 3D masterpiece. The teamwork our install crew displayed, prevented those challenges from becoming an issue. The combined talent of all involved was able to shine and start to finish(line), executed flawlessly. 

The War Dance Jet Dragster wrap was printed using the Mimaki UCJV300–130 with Mimaki LUS200 ink (Which you can read more about on an upcoming blog post.) Also using Avery Dennison MPI1105 EZ RS with DOL1360Z

Also, a special thank you to Children's Hunger Fund.

October 19, 2018